Property Management

Looking for a Home or Condo to Rent/Lease?

Rosenblum Realty manages a wide variety of property.  We have efficient Condo/Townhouse living as well as 2, 3, 4, 5+ bedroom homes in various locations to serve your needs. 

If you are considering leasing out your home, please review the information below and let us know how we can assist you.

Property Managers Michael Rosenblum, Philip Winburn, or Joshua Davis will be glad to receive your particular needs by e-mail and schedule a consultation to evaluate your home and particular needs.  


1) Rate Analysis - We will analyze the market and find the rental properties most comparable to your home so that you can achieve the highest rental amount possible. 

2) Advertising- It is very important that your home has proper marketing in order to ensure a tenant.  The advertising features that our firm utilizes are yard signs, the MLS, the Internet (including the most viewed home searching website such as Zillow,, Realtor, etc.), and television. 

3) Property maintenance- We have licensed vendors who work for us to make sure that any maintenance problems will be handled quickly, efficiently and handling issues with the most cost effective approach possible.

4) Property Leases- A strong lease is extremely important.  Our lease clearly defines the responsibilities for each party and protects our homeowners.

5) Screening Applicants- Proper tenant screening is crucial in order to secure a qualified tenant.  Our screening process includes a credit check, employment verification, income verification, rental history, and personal references.

6) Rent CollectionOur office staff will collect the monthly rent payments, and send the proceeds to our owners.

7) Legal ActionIf timely rent payments are not submitted, our management staff will send late/eviction notices to any tenants who may be delinquent with rent.  Further legal action may follow with any tenant who does not reside within the terms of the lease.


Here are the FEES for our services:

We receive a 10% commission on the monthly rental amount.

A one time initial set up fee of $200.00.  This fee may be paid out of the first month's rent proceeds once a tenant is secured.

An annual accounting fee of $50.00.  This is fee is charged to our owners for our book keeping cost, year-end tax statement preparation, and any upcoming marketing costs.